Menu Items Definitions

Annex 2 of the Settlement Agreement sets forth all menu items under which Citi could have earned settlement credit for providing eligible relief. The table below includes only the menu items under which Citi actually received settlement credit.

Menu Item Category of Relief Citi Business Unit
1A Principal Reduction (First Liens) CMI
1D Principal Reduction, incl. Extinguishment (Second Liens) CMI
1G Principal Reduction CFS
Costs Paid
1H Extinguishment (Secured by Junior Liens) CFS, CMI
Extinguishment (Unsecured Debt)
2A Principal Reduction CFS, CMI
Rate Reduction—Loan Modification
Rate Reduction—Third Party
Costs Paid
4A Extinguishment (First Liens) CFS, CMI
4D–F Anti-Blight Donations Citi Community Development
5 Affordable Rental Housing Citi Community Capital